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Alice - Cthulhu & Serum

Alice - Cthulhu & Serum


Pack Includes:

35 Cthulhu Chord Progression Presets

24 Chords In Each Progression

6 Different Chords

4 Differnt Versions Of Each Chord

840 Total Individual Chords

Easy Install Instructions

50 Serum Presets

Perfectly Matching Sounds

Easy Install Instructions

4 Full Construction Kits

4 Full Drum Racks

4 Demo Beats

73 MIDI Loops

74 WAV Loops

62 One-Shot Samples

Total Files = 431

Total Size = 777MB (Unzipped)

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Get lost in a world you've never experienced before!

The "Alice - Cthulhu & Serum" pack will take you places you've never been. You will experience sounds you've never heard. You will experience feelings you've never felt. This pack will push you to your creative limit!

Loaded with 35 Cthulhu Chord Progression Presets & 50 Serum Presets, you'll be able to get lost in your session with ease! Each preset was created with our users in mind. You can mix & match Chord Presets within Cthulhu, edit & transform each Serum Preset & layer sounds to create crazy textures! When you use both Preset Packs together the possibilities are endless!

Each Cthulhu Chord Progression has 6 Main Chords. These chords are then followed by different versions of each (Example: 7th chords, 9th chords, etc) giving you maximum control over the sound & feel of your productions!

Here is how your MIDI Controller will be programmed:

Keys C3-F3 = Main Triad Chord

Keys F#3-B3 = 7th Chords

Keys C4-F4 = 9th Chords

Keys F#4-B4 = Random Chords

With 35 Progressions in all, that is over 840 Chords! Turn on Cthulhu's "Arp Generator" & use the Serum Presets to begin getting Melodic Inspiration from as well. Here is a little tip, use Cthulhu's "WTF" Effect with the "Random Chords" section of your progression to create even more awesome chord & melody inversions!

If that wasn't enough for you, we've got you covered. You will also receive 4 full beat constructions loaded with MIDI Loops, WAV Loops, One-Shot Samples, 4 Drum Racks & Demo Beats! These include every sound you here in the Pack Demo!

It's time we change the game. It's time we stand out in this crowded industry. Grab the "Alice - Cthulhu & Serum" pack today and blow your competition out of the water!


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Fri 29, Apr 2022 (10 months ago)
The Samples in this pack are solid. The Serum presets are sounding similar to each other. Not a lot differenc in the sund but might be useful.


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